Cosmetic treatment planning

If you opt for cosmetic treatment the key to a really fantastic outcome is all in the careful planning. You will probably need one or two further appointments after an initial examination to complete the planning. During this visit we will focus in more details on your desired cosmetic outcome, take a series of photos, any further x-rays that may be needed and take other measurements of your teeth/smile as necessary. We will often take impressions of your teeth to be able to assess your bite in more detail and from different angles, and ask the technician to do a wax up. We may then be able to edit the photos in Photoshop to give you an idea of how you may look following the treatment.

What is a Wax Up?

A wax up is where the technician will do the proposed treatment on a model of your teeth in wax. This helps us to get an idea of what will be possible, and see what the result will look like. We can look at the wax up with you and discuss it together to see if it meets your requirements, or change it if needed.

What is an articulator?

We may also take measurements of your face with a Facebow which will allow the technician to put models of your teeth on an articulator, copying the position of your real life jaw joints. An articulator allows the models of your teeth to move against each other in the same way they do in the mouth. It’s not as exciting to look at as a wax up! But this kind of information really helps in the accuracy of the restorations we create because if they do not fit exactly right in the bite, they may chip or break off.

Trial Smile

Once we have the wax up we can transfer that information into your mouth in a ‘trial smile’. We use the same material we use to make temporary crowns moulded onto your teeth in the shape of the wax up and it can give you an excellent real life idea of how you would look with your new smile. Here is an example of a ‘before’ and a ‘trial smile’.

Temporary restorations

At the end of the visit to prepare or shape your teeth for the new restorations we will place temporary restorations to cover and protect your teeth. These are based on the wax up so this also gives you a chance to road test your new smile.

Final restorations

Once the final restorations have been fitted and you are happy do follow all the advice for future care, make sure you visit the dentist and hygienist every 6 months, maintain good oral hygiene and eat a healthy diet. All that remains is for you to enjoy your new smile!