These are dental implant cases I have treated at the Fountain Dental Practice in New Malden.


This lady had a failing infected tooth with an already missing tooth in front. After removing the infected tooth we placed two Biohorizons dental implants. In the photo the implants are the two teeth on the lower left second from back and third from back.

This lady needed to have an infected tooth removed. This was replaced with a Biohorizons dental implant. On the photo the implant if the fourth tooth from the front on the top right.

This gentleman had a failing premolar tooth that had previously had root canal treatment and a large post with a crown. The shadow under the root shows an area of chronic infection. There was also a gap behind the tooth. By replacing the failing tooth with a molar tooth implant there is no longer a gap. He now says his eating habits are improved, and that he smiles and laughs with more confidence.

This gentleman had a lower denture that was supported by two of his own remaining tooth roots. When these deteriorated and were lost we placed two implants to secure a new lower denture. This is a great solution for lower dentures which are often loose and move around. The denture clips onto the two implants so is very secure and allows a far superior biting force. He says he new denture is “perfect”.

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