Embarrassed by Crooked Teeth?

The Problem
Over the years there has been a shift in attitudes and many people are now less likely to accept having crooked front teeth. Whilst crooked front teeth are unsightly they are also more difficult to clean around and can lead to uneven wear and chipping of the teeth. So straightening crooked teeth isn’t entirely cosmetic.

Patients who request straightening of their teeth are often in their 20s , 30s or 40s. However some much older patients ask to have their teeth straightened and there is no age limit to straightening teeth. The benefits of a more attractive smile and teeth that are easier to keep clean can be enjoyed by a 70 or 80 year old too. Many patients had braces when they were teenagers, but without lifelong nighttime retainer use teeth often relapse towards their original position. Those who have never had braces often find their teeth crowd up at the front as they get older. This aging effect is caused by a slight shrinkage of the jaw bone. Keeping your teeth straight helps keep you looking young!​

The Solution
There are several options for straightening teeth. Many adults are more concerned about straightening misaligned front teeth, than they are about correcting bite issues which would involve a more lengthy comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Aligning the front teeth can often be achieved in a treatment time of around 6 months, sometimes even quicker. There are various methods available including removable invisible braces, and fixed ‘train’track’ braces. Fixed braces can now be tooth coloured so they look quite subtle. In the teeth straightening section of this website you can see a video of me explaining how the Invisalign system works. You can also see lots of before and after photos of cases I have treated with different appliances. In the review section you will see lots of reviews of patients describing their experiences of having these types of treatment.

If you would like more information about teeth straightening then please get in touch with me via this website, on my email dr.lucynichols@gmail.com, by calling me or texting me on 07740367589 or you can book a free consultation with me at the Fountain Dental Practice, New Malden.