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Patient Reviews

Here are some testimonials from patients I have seen for cosmetic and general dentistry in New Malden and Harley Street.

Review I am very pleased with the treatment I received from Dr Lucy at the Fountain Dental Practice. My treatment was well managed and without any stress, anxiety or discomfort. I was initially concerned about the duration of my treatment but found it actually went very quickly and was certainly worth both the time and money invested. Review

- Anon

Review Everything went smoothly and to plan. you need to be committed to the treatment but I was very impressed with the outcome. Its expensive but I think its money well spent and a better option than the alternative for me. I was initially concerned about wearing the braces most of the time but you get used to it! Review

- Anon

Review I had researched a lot about potential teeth straightening methods and I am very pleased with the care given from Lucy and the results of my Invisalign treatment. Would definitely recommend booking a consultation with Lucy if this is something you have wanted as I know I couldn’t be happier! Review

- Anon

Review Lucy has been amazing and a pleasure to visit during my treatment. Always had a good chat and she really put me at ease. Equally I appreciated all the time Lucy put in to give me a full explanation of all the processes involved along with a lengthy rationale! Overall I am delighted with the appearance of my teeth – couldn’t be happier with the overall result. Definitely a great investment of both time and money. I can’t wait to smile a lot more now. Review

- Faye Longega

Review I’m completely satisfied with the results of the treatment and all procedure that I went through for the past 10 months. I thought I might be late to start Invisalign (late 40s). But it is the best investment ever for myself. Every morning I see myself in the mirror and I feel so happy. Less than a year. I’ve got a result. It was really fast. I really appreciate professional but very kind and detailed care from Dr Lucy and her staff member. Thank you very much indeed. Review

- Kiyomi Suzuki

Review Thank you very much for my sparkling new teeth, for taking care and discussing the process at every step to put me at ease. I was very nervous at first but as the treatment progressed I could feel the tension ease in my shoulders. Yes, to such an extent that I almost fell asleep during an appointment. I am sure I heard myself snort! I was so scared about the tooth extraction and implant that I delayed the process but you were very patient with me and give me time to get used to the idea. Everything went well, hardly any bleeding and after a good nights sleep, all was back to normal. I first went to the Fountain Dental Practice with my nephew who is now 7 years old. The receptionist that day was very friendly and answered all our questions. I felt very comfortable and decided that it was the best place for my treatment and I have not been disappointed. It took me a year to make my first appointment but it has been worth it. Thank you. Review

- Merlyn Harris

Review Excellent quality of treatment and customer care. Also being really flexible with appointments in the run up to the wedding. Coming up with a solution to my one tricky tooth and being patient to get the desired result. I would definitely recommend Invisalign. The photos speak for themselves. It is completely worth it. I’ve already recommended Invisalign to lots of my work colleagues. It’s made me happy with my smile and I enjoy looking at the photos with me new smile. I enjoy seeing I have straight teeth in the mirror every day. Totally worth the time and money. Very happy with the investment and fantastic service and expertise from Lucy and the staff at the Fountain. Thank you 🙂 Review

- Naomi Longworth

Review Having been recently diagnosed with diabetes, it was more important than ever that I look after my teeth. Lucy took this into consideration with her treatment and offered valuable advice, specific to my condition for which I am very grateful. Lucy decided on Invisalign, and I’m really pleased with the results. I would recommend that anyone who is considering, or has been putting off having cosmetic dentistry carried out, go to see Lucy at the Fountain Dental practice – I am really glad that I did. Review

- Michael

Review I was informed of what the treatment consisted of, the steps and the final outcome. Also the language used was appropriate so that I understood it clearly. Appointments were managed well and very friendly/professional staff. The final product (a dental implant) improves your self esteem and confidence, particularly if you work with people and customer service for example. It improved my eating habits meaning you have improved teeth that function well. Also you smile and laugh with more confidence.

Has it been a good investment of your time and money? “Defo. I was given options to pay it which was a positive impact on my budget.” Review

- Gilsemar Goncalves

Review I visited a number of orthodontic practices before deciding on the Fountain due to the clean, professional and friendly environment. I would absolutely recommend Invisalign to anyone who is unhappy with their teeth. The treatment has been straightforward and I am thrilled with the results. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone at the Fountain Practice. Previously I used to hide my teeth when smiling in photos and even when speaking but not anymore! Review

- Claire Higgins

Review Towards the end of 2014 Lucy Nichols helped to straighten my top teeth using an Inman Aligner. It got to work surprisingly quickly and soon the positive effects were being noticed by friends and family. While it took a while to get the perfect end result this was not a problem as I had confidence in Lucy’s judgement that together we’d achieve the perfect result. Throughout the process Lucy kept me fully appraised of what to expect and I can wholly recommend her to anyone considering improving the look of his or her teeth. Review

- Christopher Brain.

Review I am 25 years old and after my teeth changed they always been crooked. My big dream was to have them straight. So I met Dr Lucy, that is amazing, she did a really good job, fantastic. Now I feel more confident with myself. I always smile, laugh with an open mouth. I really recommend you guys to see Dr Lucy if you have got similar problems, like I did. I am very happy. Review

- Adriana Stan

Review It has been a brilliant, excellent, professional care, great flexibility. I recommend the treatment (teeth straightening with clear aligners) as long as you can be patient and systematic. My teeth look and feel better, more comfortable and easier to clean because they are more aligned. It has been a very good investement of my time and money and I would not hesitate to do this all over again. The treatment requires discipline becaseu the braces need to be worn all the time. Review

- Magda Dingle

Review Hi Lucy,
I must let you know how delighted I am with the work you did on my teeth today. Once again you’ve worked your magic and I’m spending quite a bit of time smiling in the mirror – very vain! Until today I’ve always seemed to have front teeth “decorated” with coffee-coloured fine vertical lines and to see all-white incisors reflected back at me is fan-tas-tic! Review

- Thank you and regards, Lyn Ballard x

Review he quality of treatment and level of customer care has been outstanding. Lucy has worked extremely hard and has paid so much attention to the work she has done on my teeth. In Lucy’s care I always felt confident that she knew exactly what to do to the highest standard. The result speaks for itself as I now have the ‘smile’ I’ve always wanted. I have recommended Lucy and the Six Month Braces to three friends. For anyone considering having braces fitted I would encourage them to have them done. The impact of having my teeth straightened has been so positive. I am now more confident in meetings at work and I’m delighted with the overall result. Absolutely the treatment has changed my life in a positive way and I’m so grateful to Lucy for taking such care to ensure I would achieve this fantastic result. With much appreciation. Review

- Sadie Cawood

Review I am extremely pleased with the results of the 6 month smile treatment. It has made a huge difference to me. The care and attention of Dr Lucy and the nurses at The Fountain Dental Practice was outstanding. Everyone makes you feel welcome and at east. Well worth the (really rather) short amount of time and investment! Review

- Zoe Zarkovic.

Review Dear Dr. Nichols,
I am writing to say a big thank you to you. I was greatly impressed with the care and professionalism you had shown in identifying and treating my problem over the past week or so. You were very detailed, and were so patient in explaining everything to me. I also particularly appreciate the time you took to write the report for my dentist in Singapore, which you did speedily and in great detail, despite the fact that you were so pressed for time that Friday. Although I live in Singapore and am unlikely to need dental treatment in the U.K. any time soon, my pleasant experience has impressed my daughter so much that she has said that she would most likely see you in future. I do hope you continue your practice at the Fountain. It certainly is convenient that this clinic is a 10 minute walk from home! I hope you have a lovely summer. Review

- Kind regards, EeFong Chang

Review My experience was amazing. I was very conscious of my teeth and smile before and this has made a massive difference. It is so worth the money, time and effort. The care I received from Lucy, Caroline and the team has been first class and even though we had to make a long trip I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. Many thanks. Review

- Megan Perry

Review Before having Invisalign I had doubts that my teeth would ever be just as I wanted them. After considering it for a while I decided to go for it and I am 100% glad I did. I am totally satisfied with the treatment and customer care received – I would advise anyone thinking about it to go for it – Lucy worked with me to achieve the result I wanted. I am now so much more confident with my smile. I would totally advise anyone to do it. Review

- Lisa Oliver

Review I was so glad to have chosen Lucy/The Fountain Practice, rather than a ‘dental holiday’ abroad as I felt I could really trust Lucy and felt confident in her suggestions regarding treatment. It’s a big commitment and I’m very happy to have received the treatment. When Lucy completed the work I found I was smiling more and was more confident. I have even started wearing lipstick, which I never did before because I felt my teeth weren’t white enough. Review

- Jess Evans

Review I’m writing to tell you how much I’m enjoying my new smile and to thank you for doing such a brilliant job. It has changed my life as I now smile more and people react in a noticeably different way – it has helped at work to feel better about smiling. I felt safe and confident in your care and you helped me choose a good colour option with the result I wanted, which was to look like me, but better. By the way I also appreciate the efficient way you found and tackled the root canal that 3 dentists had failed to locate. Review

- Angela Plotel

Review I came knowing I needed a significant amount of restorative dentistry. I was very nervous and had resigned myself to some painful dentistry with limited cosmetic improvement. Lucy is very good with nervous patients and put me at ease almost immediately. I found that over the course of the treatment I eventually stopped being intensely nervous before each treatment, something of an improvement for a life-long dentist-phobe. In addition to the essential treatment including root canal treatment, fillings and crowns, Lucy and I explored the cosmetic options that we had to improve the appearance of my smile, which had for a long time been a concern of mine, but was not something I knew I could do anything about. I had chipped, thinning and crooked teeth, and to compound this, with the natural effects of aging and smoking, they were also going a stained yellowish colour. These concerns were highlighted by the fact that in December I would be a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding in Cape Town and suspected that my imperfect teeth would detract from the gorgeous dress, professional hair and make-up. In the end we decided to go for it and get my smile in shape for the big day. Laser whitening, six crowns and root canal treatment before the wedding, completing the less visible work on my return. My teeth looked fantastic for the wedding and really did complete the look! Lucy had struck the perfect balance, my teeth looked like mine, but so much better. I felt confident smiling widely in every photo and lost count of the number of compliments I received on and around the day. My confidence levels have been greatly impacted and I have to say if was worth every hour and every pound spent to achieve the result. It has taken a while to get used to my new smile, including the occasional compliment from fellow commuters or pub goers. The first time someone I didn’t know complimented my teeth I was taken aback and didn’t know how to react. Now I just smile and says thanks! Review

- Jen Miller

Review I have had crooked teeth all of my adult life but as I got older I started to notice them more and more, so as a 40th birthday present to myself I decided to treat myself to Invisalign. Lucy clearly explained what was involved in the process and the costs involved. I had to have 12 attachments and the treatment itself lasted 12 months. I had no real issues with wearing Invisalign and found them surprisingly comfortable. When I did experience a problem, such as an attachment coming off or a hairline crack in the Invisalign, Lucy was at hand immediately to help and reassure. She even gave me her mobile number so I could contact her over the weekend. I really couldn’t fault the customer service I received and I would highly recommend her. I have been amazed at how the treatment has transformed my teeth in such a relatively short space of time. The rituals associated with wearing Invisalign, such as fanatical teeth cleaning after every meal, can be tiresome at times but the end result is definitely worth it. I am no longer self-conscious when I smile and I am far happier having my photo taken! Of course, some of me wishes I had had the treatment earlier but I am not sure if I would have been as committed to the treatment plan in my 20’s. For anyone considering Invisalign, I would say go for it, but make sure you understand what the process involves – Lucy can help you do that. Review

- Kate Waller

Review I’ve been very pelased with the bridge inserted between a gap I had in my bottom teeth. It has given me such a lot of confidence and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is considering it. It certainly has been a good investment of my time and money. As regards the quality of treatment and customer service it has been excellent! Review

- Joan Kelly

Review I have been very happy with the crown and bridge work carried out on my teeth. From the initial suggestion for the treatment through the consultation and operational stages I was kept informed throughout. The estimates were explained to me at the beginning and adhered to once the treatment was agreed. I was treated with courtesy at all times – I was even asked what type of classical music I would like playing in the background. I am very pleased with the result and more than one person has commented that I look years younger. Review

- James Tuckett

Review I am very pleased with the cosmetic work carried out by Dr Lucy Nichols. She explained everything very thoroughly to ensure I was happy with the treatment plan. She has achieved exactly the result I wanted. Review

- Sarah Brooke

Review After a very helpful consultation with Lucy where she explained in detail the options available to me I opted for the Inman Aligner. Lucy explained every step of the process and was really thorough at explaining what I needed to do and this was a great relief. If the brace was uncomfortable for a day or so I was prepared for it. I knew that I could call Lucy at any time if I was unsure. The transformation of my teeth is amazing. It’s only when you see the before and after you fully realise. The Inman Aligner was so easy to wear that other people didn’t even notice I was wearing a brace. This really helped especially at work. I would highly recommend Inman Aligner treatment to anyone who wants to straighten their teeth. Easy, quick, pain free. No need to hide your teeth when you are wearing one as no-one realises you have one. Brilliant! Review

- Manuela Hanrahan

Review I can’t thank you enough or your kind and gentle attention, which has resulted in the best fitting dentures I think possible. So comfortable and just like my own used to be. Review

- Graham Payne

Review Treatment is professional and efficient in all aspects, yet delivered in a skilled, caring and reassuring manner by a warm and friendly staff. The administration of a procedure is applied considerately and preceded by a full, honest explanation of what to expect. A genuine wish to provide patients with positive experience ensures added comfort. The environment has a relaxed atmosphere where patient participation is encouraged. Regular visits have maintained the health of my teeth, improved my general well being significantly and with the added customer care exercised by all members of staff are of a great value financially. Review

- John Wickens

Review I would just like to write and say thank you for making my teeth look so good. The quality of your treatment is excellent, my teeth have never looked so good not only because of the fantastic bridges you did me but also because I have learned how to keep my teeth really clean and how to look after them properly. I feel it was really good value for money. You only get one set of teeth and once you lose them that’s it so it is worth looking after them and getting the best treatment possible. So thank you once again for making my visits so pleasant and thank you for making my teeth look so nice. Review

- Yvonne Tracy

Review I would just like to say that after having the NTI splint fitted by Lucy over a month ago now I have not had one headache!! What a difference this has made to my life after years of waking up with a dull headache which sometimes did and sometimes didn’t go during the day. Who would have thought that a small device like this could make so much difference. Even doctors couldn’t work it out and always put in down to stress and tell me to take paracetamol every day. I have not had to take one tablet in a month and would recommend this treatment to anyone with similar problems. THANK YOU Lucy for giving me my life back. Review

- Sandra Head

Review Just as feedback of the treatment done to me yesterday, I felt no more pain at all and the general perception is very positive. The gum is not hurting and I could even brush without pain. Thank you very much for your attention – I feel I have a dentist to count on in the UK from now on. Review

- Claudio Simao

Review I want to thank you all for the care you gave me through my treatment. I walked through your front door a very nervous woman and have walked out a lot braver and contented one owing to your kind approach. It started with your receptionist. Then Dr Lucy and nurse, then on to the hygienist. All so caring. You have made an old lady happy. Thanks to everyone. Review

- Hilda Cosnett

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