Exciting news! Invisalign braces can now straighten your teeth in half the time!

Invisalign, the American company who produces invisible braces, have now treated over 3 million patient worldwide. Since their inception in 1999 they have invested a huge amount of money in research and development. The features included in their system are miles ahead of any other invisible brace system I have tried. One of the most exciting developments was a few years ago when they launched their Smart-track material. This is a special kind of plastic, used to make the braces, which has really good elastics properties. I was lucky to hear one of their American plastics research scientists talk about the development of this patented material. I have seen a huge benefit from using this material to treat my cases. The recent news from Invisalign, that following rigorous testing, they are recommending that each set of braces can be changed, rather than every two weeks,  now once a week means halving the treatment time for most cases. This really is a game changer. Most cases I treat I complete in 6-12 months. This means going forward I will be completing many cases in 3-6 months!

Almost everyone with crooked teeth would rather have straight teeth. People are put off primarily by four things: the appearance of wearing braces, the time it takes, the discomfort involved, and the cost. Invisalign have pretty much solved three of these problems. The braces are virtually Invisible, far more comfortable that traditional fixed braces, and now we have such short treatment times. Cost may still be a factor for some people. The cost of Invisalign reflects the vast sums that have been, and continue to be spent on research and development, to enable them to produce such a fantastic product. However, having treated many patients of all income levels with Invisalign, the consensus is most definitely that it was well worth it.

The example below shows a case I treated in 12 months. This could now be achieved in 6 months!

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