Mouth Cancer – What you need to know.

Around 8,300 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK every year. Mouth cancer is a particularly debilitating form of cancer. Operations to remove the part of the mouth affected can leave patients with permanent disabilities affecting their ability to eat, smile, and kiss their loved ones.

What to watch out for and seek advice from your dentist about
Mouth ulcers that last longer than 3 weeks.
Explained loosening of teeth not associated with gum disease
A non-healing tooth socket
Red and white patches in the mouth
A persistent lump in the mouth or neck

How to avoid mouth cancer
Do not smoke and avoid drinking more than the government recommended limit of alcohol per week. The combination of smoking and drinking habits together are particularly likely to cause mouth cancer and the higher the levels of smoking and drinking, the higher the risk.

Do not chew tobacco
Eat a healthy balanced diet
Reduce your risk of contracting the HPV virus by safe sex practises and regular sexual health testing
See you dentist every 6 months where mouth cancer screening should be carried out as part of your check-up.

If you would like a mouth cancer screening and would like to see a dentist in New Malden then please do contact me so I can arrange an appointment for you.

Dr Lucy Nichols