Finding a Dentist

What Effect Did the Pandemic Have on Dentistry?

Dentistry, like most industries, has been affected greatly by the pandemic. In March 2020 all UK dental practices were ordered to close down, with only a very small number of sites still open offering emergency treatment. The re-opening was a slow, tentative process, with uncertainty about the rapidly changing situation, difficulties sourcing PPE and dentists getting used to new ways of working. Due to fallow time, where rooms where closed down initially for 60 minutes following treatment, plus increased room decontamination time, dentists were able to see far fewer patients. NHS practices were, very fairly, given reduced targets to reflect the difficult situation. As a result, a backlog of treatment need grew and grew.

Where Are We Now?

Fast forward to 2022 and where are we now? Practices are able to operate normal or near normal appointment diaries and are working to clear backlogs. Backlogs are a particular problem for NHS practices were higher patient turnovers led to backlogs building up more rapidly.

What Does This Mean for Finding a Dentist?

Here I can only speak for the situation I observe as a dentist in New Malden and how this may affect members of the local community who are needing dental treatment. What I have observed in my practice, is that patients are struggling to get appointments at NHS practices where backlogs are still problematic. We have cleared our backlog and are accepting new patients. Patients who, in the past would have gone to an NHS practice are coming to us because they are struggling to get the treatment they need on the NHS.

But What If I Can’t Afford Private Dentistry

If there is urgent treatment you need if may be worth considering a short course of private dentistry whilst you wait for availability at NHS practices to be freed up. If money is a concern tell us and we will see what we alternatives options or strategies may be suitable and ensure we discuss these where appropriate.

So if you are looking for a dentist in New Malden and are finding it hard to get an appointment, call our reception on 0208 9422312. We will be happy to help!