Looking for a dentist in New Malden

You may have recently moved to New Malden, or you may want to change from an old dentist closer to somewhere you used to work, or to an workplace. I have also found that recently, due to an increase in home-working people who used to see a dentist closer to their work are now coming to see me in New Malden as it is more convenient for them.
Whether you have been attending a dentist regularly or whether it has been many years since you last saw a dentist, most people are a little apprehensive or nervous about seeing a new dentist. There are several dental practices to choose from in New Malden, both NHS and Private. I work hard to provide an outstanding service to my patients and would love to provide your dental care for you. If you are looking for a dentist in New Malden, here are the things that I am happy to offer you.

1. An in-depth thorough initial assessment.

I allow one hour for an initial assessment. During this appointment I take a thorough dental and medical history and talk about any problems you are having and optional treatments you might be interested in. I then examine your jaw joints, neck, lips and face before carrying a screening of the oral soft tissues to check for signs of mouth cancer or other conditions. I then check each of the teeth very carefully under 5 x magnification with a powerful light. Next I carry out a detailed gum charting where I measure and record gum pocketing at 6 points around each tooth. Then I take photos of each of your teeth with an intra-oral camera. Finally I take routine x-rays and any additional x-rays I feel are required. I talk through with you on a patient screen every I find in your gum charting, on your photos, and on your x-rays. We then discuss any treatment I feel you require and any optional treatments you are interested in. I find that at the end of this patients often say to me “wow, I’ve never had such a detailed check-up before!”.

2. A high skill level

After I graduated from dental school I went on to study further to complete the diploma of Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England during part time study over two years whilst I also worked in hospital gaining experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery. During this time I got used to extracting teeth that general dentists referred in as difficult extractions. A few years later I undertook a 3 year programme of part time study in order to obtain a Master Degree in Cosmetic Restorative dentistry. Since then I have undertaken further training in order to provide Invisalign treatment and dental implants, as well as training in the use of a dental soft tissue laser. I have spent several years as a committee member with the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and am also a member of the Dental Law and Ethics Forum. I complete around 200 reports a year in dento-legal cases and cases for the General Dental Council where I review the treatment that dentists have provided when things have gone wrong or patients are not happy with their treatment and give independent advice to law firms, dental indemnity bodies and the General Dental Council on cases.

3. A wide variety of treatment options

I can provide most treatment without a need to refer out. I provide general dentistry, composite work, crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, orthodontic treatment, root canal treatments, teeth whitening and extractions. When sinus lifts are required for implant treatment I work with a specialist in New Malden so there is no need to travel far.

4. 24/7 service

I am always happy for patients to contact me at any time my phone, text or email so if you have any worries out of hours I am always on hand to offer advice.

5. Convenient appointment times

On Wednesdays and Fridays I have appointments available from 830am. On Tuesday I offer appointments until 8pm. I also offer Saturday morning appointments one Saturday a month.

Thank you for reading and I hope that if you are looking for a dentist in New Malden, or are interested in Invisalign in New Malden, or dental implant treatment in New Malden, you will give our reception a call at the Fountain Dental Practice on 0208 9422312.